Shing Chi 9 & 10 Attunement 14th Jan 2017

Dearest Fellow Alumni,


We will be having Shing Chi 9 & 10 attunement on the 14th January, Saturday at 6pm at Miramar Hotel Level 2, Orchid Room.


Those who qualify and would like to receive this attunement, please be at Miramar Hotel by 5.30pm for registration. Please drop us a note to let us know if you will be doing this Shing Chi attunement.  


More information about Shing Chi:

Shing Chi Attunement:


Higher chakra Shing Chi Attunement is normally given as a special class that takes around 30-45 minutes (theory, attunement and practice).  It is normally given based on demand from alumni who are ready to receive the attunement of higher chakra. With this attunement, you will be able to channel a higher vibration of energy as compared to Shing Chi 8 and Reiki Tummo.


Shing Chi 9 Attunement



1)  Already practice Shing Chi 8 for at least 3 months (at least 3 months = 90 days after receiving SC8 attunement, if less than 90 days, the participant cannot be admitted)

2)  make 25 hand to hand donations to the poor/needy or guiding  others directly to do Open Heart Prayer. The total number of persons should be at least 25 persons. (This can be done after the attunement of SC9)

3)  make 1 donation to Padmacahaya

4)  Pay a $10 admin fee

5)  Pay $5 only if you are repeating this attunement


Shing Chi 10 Attunement



1.    Already practice SC 9 for at least 3 months (at least 3 months = 90 days after receiving SC 9  attunement, if less than 90 days the participant cannot be admitted)

2.    Already joined Spiritual Retreat at least 1 time.

3.    Make 25 hand to hand donations to the poor/needy or guiding others directly in person to do open Heart Prayer at least 3 times per person. So, it can be combined between hand to hand donation and guiding others to do Open Heart Prayer. The total amount of person should be at least 25 persons. (This can be done after the attunement of SC 10)

4.   Make 1 donation to Padmacahaya

5.   Pay $10 admin fee

6.   Pay $5 only if you are repeating this attunement.


Any enquiries, you may email :


With Love and Gratitude,
Padmacahaya Singapore