REIKI TUMMO Meditation

REIKI TUMMO Meditation

Most Meditation techniques are not really meditation technique. They are only relaxation techniques. Scientifically, how well and deep someone is doing meditation can be measured by that person’s brain waves. A person who is simply in a relaxed condition has a brain wave of between 8 and 12 Hz, often called the alpha state. A person entering a meditation state has a brain wave of between 4 and 7 hz, often called the theta state


With Reiki Tummo, you can do a simple meditation that not only cleanses your body, but also brings you into the theta state or true meditation. The method is easy, “ just find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. We start with “Feeling Our Heart” steps follow-by “Reiki Meditation” steps.



Feeling Your Heart Steps:

  • Touch the center of your chest with one or more fingers. 
  • Relax, so that your brain is less dominant. 

  • Smile freely so that your heart becomes stronger.

  • Close your eyes so that your brain is less active.

  • Feel the peace and calmness in your chest and feel how your chest expands. The feeling is from your heart. Only your heart can give you peace and calmness. Your brain can only be more quiet.

  • Enjoy the peace of calmness in your heart.


Reiki Meditation Steps:

  • Shake your hands two or three times.
  • Relax and smile sweetly

  • Intend to channel REIKI TUMMO energy and wait until you feel the energy flowing from your palms and fingertips. 

  • Place your hands face down on your lap with your palms touching your lap. Feel the energy from your left palm flows to the whole left side of your body and the energy from your right palm flows to the whole right side of your body.

  • Direct your attention to your heart Chakra.


Extracted from the Reiki Tummo (An effective technique for health and happiness) Author: Irmansyah Effendi