Procedure in Channeling Reiki Energy

Procedure in Channeling Reiki Energy


Master Irman explained the procedure in channeling energy in his book “Reiki Tummo: An effective technique for Health and Happiness”.


He observed many senior practitioners think with his/her current skills, performing incomplete procedures in channeling Reiki Energy, will not make any difference to the result. 


Well, they are wrong!


Performing proper procedures in channeling Reiki Energy will reap greater benefit, it is also important regardless whether you are senior practitioner or professional healer. The proper procedures can also help a practitioner to surrender much better.


The proper procedures in channeling Reiki Energy as follows:


  • Wash your hands before starting the healing session.

  • Pray to Creator for assistance, guidance and healing

  • Activate your Crown Chakra & both of Palm Chakras

  • Activate the Patient’s Crown Chakra

  • Opening Front & Back of patient’s body Aura

  • Shake both of your palms 2-3 times and intent to channel Reiki Energy

  • Relax, Smile and Surrender during channeling

  • Start Healing Session from  top to bottom of the body

  • Sweep/Close the patient’s body aura. Relax for few minutes before standing up or doing any other activities.

  • End the healing session with a prayer to thank the Creator for the energy, assistance, and guidance you have received.



Wash hands before starting the healing session


Why does it matter to wash hands before healing session?


Our hands are contaminated with negative energies without our knowledge. There may be so many negative energies that we cannot get rid of them just by simply shaking our hands. 


In order for us to realize the benefit of washing our hands before healing session, the following are the steps that we can perform:


  • Wash only one of your hands. Keep the other hand dry from water/soap while you’re washing 1st hand. Dry the wet hand without being touch by the other hand. Don’t do anything to the other hand.

  • Channel Reiki energy using both of your palms side by side to one of your sensitive body part.

  • You will feel that energy flows out from washed hand will be softer, firmer and smoother.

  • Now, wash your other hand, the one that you have not washed it.

  • Channel Reiki Energy from both of your palms side by side to one of your sensitive body part. Now you will feel energy flows out of the palms are having the same quality & quantity.


** Actually if you’re sensitive enough, you will actually feel that the hand we wash at first, will have better quality in energy flowing.


This is because the first hand’s chakra have gotten more cleaner, as such the energy flowing from the 1st hand has the higher quality and quantity.

Extracted from "Reaping the Benefit of Reiki Tummo in Daily Life"
(Author: Irmansyah Effendi)