Have you used your heart properly?

Have you used your heart properly?


Master Irman has taught about Heart in Open Heart workshop for  a few years in several countries. He also wrote book about Heart: Recognize, Open & Use it (“HATI: Mengenal, Membuka dan Memanfaatkannya”). He received a lot of interesting questions about heart from the participants who attended the Open Heart Workshop as well as from the readers. Most of them thought they have used their hearts properly. Herewith some of the questions and his answers to them:


Q: If I don’t use my heart, why am I able to pray?


A: In our daily life, we use our brain. To think, speak & even to pray we tend to use our brain.  More concentration, more respect/humility and etc doesn’t guarantee we actually used our heart properly & correctly. The previous actions only show us that we more focused and committed in using our heart. Before you really recognize and able to use your heart properly, most likely you’re only using your brain even when you’re praying.


To make it simple, do you know the difference between “feeling” happy while you’re laughing out loud (feeling happy from outside) compare to moments when you’re really happy and there’s something gentle & beautiful feeling within your chest?

In this second example, it shows your heart really work compare to the first example where generally most people “feel” happy, in actual fact the source of feeling comes from the brain.


In short, only when you use your heart properly then you will feel something light, soft, gentle and beautiful at your chest.





Q: If I don’t use my heart, why am I able to feel peacefulness & calmness while I’m praying?


A: Only when you have used your heart properly, when we  pray every time or call out to the Creator, you can feel your prayer from inside the heart as a feeling that is so beautiful filling our hearts and going up. We can clearly feel our love connection toward the Creator. The beauty in every prayer will always be so clear.


Q: If I don’t use my heart, how is it possible I always want to pray so frequently?


A: Commitment in getting closer to Creator is not only from the heart. The Creator gave us physical body and brain so that our brain with its limitation can understand the importance of choosing the Creator, his help & blessing. So the commitment in getting closer may come from brain too.


However if you have used your heart completely, your sense of longing toward the Creator will appearThis true longing is not emotional, but it will be soft, gentle & beautiful.


From now onwards shall we use our heart properly?


Extracted & Translated from the “The Real You – Beyond forms and Lives”
Author: Irmansyah Effendi