Channeling Reiki Tummo Energy while engaging routine activities

Channeling Reiki Tummo energy while engaging routine activitie

The best results can be obtained if you take extra time to be relaxed, smiling and surrendering when you channel energy. Energy channeling with REIKI TUMMO in this condition allows you to not only heal and cleanse yourself, but to also let the divine blessing of the REIKI TUMMO energy work on your heart to make it stronger. When you do this after you are level 2 or higher, the energy channeling itself will automatically cleanse, open and strengthen your heart at the same time that you channel energy to your whole body.


You can also channel energy when you are doing other activities and the result will be quite satisfactory.


Ask yourself:

  • Do you wait at the bus stops, train stations or airports?
  • Do you travel by MRT?

  • Do you drive?

  • Do you attend meetings?

  • Do you watch television or go to the movies?


Whenever you engage in routine activities that do not require you to move your hands or in which you are not disturbed, you can channel Reiki energy. To channel energy, it is only necessary to have the initial intention. Here are the steps:


  1. Shake your hands two or three times.

  2. Have the intention to channel REIKI TUMMO and feel the energy flowing from your palms and fingertips.

  3. Place your hands on your lap, on the table, on your suitcase/bag, or on the steering wheel, while saying in your heart to whom you want to channel the energy (it can be to yourself) and to which part of the body. As long as you do not move your hands, the energy will keep flowing. If you move your hands, you need to repeat the procedure from step 1 above.

  4. As soon as your position your hands, your attention can be directed to other matters. There is no need to keep your attention on channeling since the energy will continue to flow without difficulty.


You can also do this method before you go to sleep. Before falling asleep, have the intention to channel energy to one part of your body or to your whole body and then place your hands so as not to disturb your sleep. Channeling energy before falling asleep can help you sleep easier and better.



Extracted from the Reiki Tummo (An effective technique for health and happiness) Author: Irmansyah Effendi