Basic Knowledge a Reiki Practitioner must have

Basic knowledge a Reiki Practitioner must have



In “Reaping the benefit of Reiki Tummo in Daily Life” book, Master Irman wants to remind Reiki Tummo practitioners some basic knowledge that many of Reiki Practitioners, regardless of seniority tend to forget. They are as follow:


You are not a Superman

After you learn & practise Reiki Tummo regularly, some of you reaped the benefits of channeling Reiki Tummo energy.  Those of you who get sick easily , now hardly have any health problem. Or those of you who get tired easily by 6pm started to feel fatique and lethargic, now after learning & channeling Reiki Tummo can stay awake beyond 10pm. Realising this, you have learned & practised energy channeling frequently, the Reiki energy flows better in your body. You feel more energized, more healthy, etc.

However you are not Superman, your body has needs and limitation too. It also needs more rest, a balance of regular diet, exercise, etc.  Without considering the basic needs of your body, you will not be able to reap the maximum benefits from your body even though you are very diligent and committed in  practising Reiki.



You still can get sick

If you don’t take care of your body & understand the basic needs of your body, you still can get sick. Maybe you may not realize it within a week or two. However if the condition is prolonged, you may become sick.

This is regardless whether you are senior practitioner or you have been channeling energy diligently &  also very committed. So, through understanding  & fulfilling the basic needs of your body and combine with practising energy channeling diligently  you can be more healthy.


You still can get serious illness

Most of the practitioners felt & reaped the benefits of Reiki Tummo energy channeling.  However there’re few regardless of how diligent they are, can still have critical illnesses. Why?  

From the Medical point of view,  a person may have critical illness due to his/her DNA. Another reason could be due to the person’s many years of unhealthy habits.  

However if the said practitioner practise diligently and is very committed, this will helped to  lessen the health problem compared with a person who never receive/do  energy channeling before. (Further discussion about critical illness will be discussed in another chapter).


Medicine Vs Reiki

One of the weaknesses a practitioner or patient has while having the critical illness, is the commitment to channel Reiki Tummo. They often complain on the time they need to spend in energy channeling daily.    

They often compare it with taking a pill which is just to swallow it &  they can continue with other daily activities.    

 This is in contrast with Reiki energy channeling, where a patient/practitioner need to channel at least 45-60 minutes each time & several times each day. They are not allowed to do other activities until the energy channeling session is completed.   

If you just look from this angle, taking medication is very easy. You just need to swallow it & continue with other daily activities. However that person needs to really consider the following benefits from Reiki energy channeling: 


  • You will not be wrong

  • There’s no side effect for your body organs as such your kidney.

  • You will feel more calm, light and happy.

  • Not only your physical problem improve, other aspects also improve such as your physical , emotional state, etc.

  • Other important benefits such as Heart becomes stronger & surrender more to the Divine Source/Creator. 


Skills Vs Time

In general, most practitioners after attended Reiki Tummo workshop he/she felt so much improvement, especially when they practise diligently.     

However, for some Reiki practitioners who feel there is not much improvement/benefit, they will become less committed and will soon stop practice. Why the Reiki practitioner/patient feel this way?    

Actually, if you practise diligently and very committed, you improve continuously. There’re times you feel less improvement or there’s not much significant differences. This is because there’s a deeper cleansing process happening and bigger blockages are removed in your energy channel.               

Nothing to worry about, sometimes this cleansing process may take several days or weeks. So continue to practice diligently and be committed, so that this cleansing process is completed and you’ll feel that you’ve made some improvement again.  


A Set back

A set back is something that a practitioner must know & prevent from happening. Very often, a set back is something that one will never realize it. After few days or weeks you’ll stop practicing and part of yourself will say there’s no benefit to continue practice and you’re go along with it.   

When your condition and ability to channel Reiki energy has decreased and you start to practice diligently again, the result will not be as good as you hope. In this situation, many practitioners feel disappointed as he/she could not feel the benefit and a part of  himself/herself say no point to continue to practice.    

The main reason for the set back regardless the practitioner’s seniority: they reduce their practice frequency or even stop practicing for a very long time.               

Realise, if a practitioner reduces the frequency or stop practicing for a very long time, it will take longer time too to achieve the same state that the practitioner previously had.              

Also realize, whatever reason that cause the practitioner to reduce the frequency or stop practicing, the adverse effect is happening not only to your skills in channeling reiki energy, it also affects other aspects: health, emotion, stamina, etc. 


Result and Diligent

There is one question on health issue that practitioners frequently ask Master Irman. They felt they have taken the necessary action with regards to their health issues. They are also comitted and channel energy daily, but the health problem is not totally removed.  

In replying, he usually ask the practitioner, have the practitioners observe that when they’re diligent they achieve so much progress. But when they’re less diligent the improvement is limited or adverse effect happens to their health.

It is very clear that energy channeling gives result. If the health issue is quite serious or chronic, it is therefore necessary to be diligent and committed in channeling the energy. If you do it less often your result will not be good too. Therefore if you want better result you need to do more diligent.











Extracted from "Reaping the Benefit of Reiki Tummo in Daily Life"  (Author: Irmansyah Effendi)